President •Heidi Alletzhauser Band 2019  president@sfsota-ptsa.org

Executive Vice-President•Karla Bobadilla Theatre 2020  evp@sfsota-ptsa.org

Secretary • Melissa Townsend Theatre 2020  secretary@sfsota-ptsa.org

Treasurer • Susann Muer Tech 2020  treasurer@sfsota-ptsa.org

Communications VP • Suz Dehne Band 2020  communications@sfsota-ptsa.org

Membership VP • Heidi Smoot Media 2022  membership@sfsota-ptsa.org

Volunteer Coordinator VP • Liz Isaacs Band 2019  volunteer@sfsota.org

Parliamentarian • Christie Stokes MT 2020 & Band 2021 parliamentarian@sfsota-ptsa.org

Outreach • Anne Yanow Dance 2005  outreach@sfsota.org

Appreciation • Mia Waller Media 2020  appreciation@sfsota-ptsa.org

Hospitality •OPEN  Please email us with interest!

Merchandise • Janet Yieh Band 2020  merchandise@sfsota-ptsa.org

Legislative • Tia Winn Band 2021 legislative@sfsota-ptsa.org

Audition Days•Alexandra Fortescue Vocal 2019 & Mia Waller Media 2020  auditions@sfsota-ptsa.org

Beautification • Rebecca Dickherber Musical Theater 2019  beautification@sfsota-ptsa.org

Historian • OPEN  Please email us with interest! 

Programming • OPEN  Please email us with interest!

Financial Secretary •OPEN  Please email us with interest! 

Friends of Ruth Asawa SOTA Representative • Janice Evans World Music 2019

AAPAC Representative • Linda Parker Pennington Media 2020

LPAC Representative • OPEN  Please email us with interest! 

IPPAC Representative • Julia Martin Band 2021

MPAC Representative • Aaminah Norris Vocal 2019

Teacher Representative • Jason Mironov History Teacher teacherrep@sfsota-ptsa.org

Student Representative * • Chava Novodrosky-Godt Theatre 2020 studentrep@sfsota-ptsa.org

*Additional Student Representatives Welcome!  If interested, please email us !


Principal • Barnaby Payne Principal payneb@sfusd.edu

Assistant Principal • Caitlin Boyle Assistant Principal boylec@sfusd.edu

Assistant Principal • Benjamin Rombro Assistant Principal rombrob@sfusd.edu

Assistant Principal • Monette Benitez Assistant Principal benitezm@sfusd.edu

FoSOTA Executive Director •Colleen Ivie Band 2012 colleen@fosota.org

Asawa SOTA Marketing•Julie Glantz CW 2014 julieg@sfsota.org

PTSA Auditor • Rachel Friedland  Vocal 2019

SSC Chair• OPEN  Elections to be held in the Fall.  Interested?  Please email us !

Teacher & Staff Directory•Click HERE!


The Asawa SOTA PTSA is a 501(c)3 organization to which gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law. 

Our Tax ID is #94-3050408.