Each art discipline has a Liaison: a parent volunteer who acts as a link of communication between the art teachers and the parents. They also may be asked by the Administration, School Site Council (SSC), Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA), Friends of Asawa SOTA (FoSOTA), the College Counselor and Wellness Center to disseminate information to the families of their departments. If you have questions or you would like to be added to their email group, please contact them using the email below!

Questions?  Please contact Heidi Alletzhauser, PTSA Executive VP & Parent Liaison Coordinator.


Architecture & Design• Nan Alamilla Boyd archdesconnect@sfsota.org

Band • Esther Carmona bandconnect@sfsota.org

Classical Voice • Janet Tarlov & Rami Demirovic cvocalconnect@sfsota.org

Creative Writing• Kristin Chu & Sandra Spencecwconnect@sfsota.org

Dance• Athea Lazaradanceconnect@sfsota.org

Guitar• Marcia & Paul Marinkoguitarconnect@sfsota.org

Jazz Vocal• Wynne Bambergjazzvocalconnect@sfsota.org

Media & Film Arts • Hannah de los Santos & Linda Parkermediaconnect@sfsota.org

Musical TheatreKate Stacymtconnect@sfsota.org

Orchestra •  Kara Engelbrechtorchconnect@sfsota.org

Piano• Marina Iofinapianoconnect@sfsota.org

Technical Theater •Lili Gaudreautechconnect@sfsota.org

Theater • Leslie Toddtheatreconnect@sfsota.org

Visual Arts • Claudia Wardvisualconnect@sfsota.org

World Music• Janice Evanswmconnect@sfsota.org

World Dance• TBDwdconnect@sfsota.org

Parent Liaison Coordinator •Heidi Alletzhauser evp@sfsota-ptsa.org